How to set goals - The Goal Setting Mastery

A Powerful course on Goal Setting. Delivered with 1 hour video, 2 Audios and A workbook and a monthly tracking journal.

This course on goal setting is for everyone. It happens several times that we set goals and again we set goals and then again we set goals. This course will help you to know basics of goal setting. The course is divided into 12 modules. Includes an hour long video, One MP3 on affirmation for positivity, One MP3 on Goals Meditation, A strategic workbook to support your learning and a monthly tracking journal.

This will help you to:

  • Strategically set goals
  • Understand how deeply you should dig into your goals
  • Make action Plans
  • Stay with positivity
  • Meditate on your goals
  • Allow your goals to mature
  • Tracking daily your activity towards your goals
  • Stay focussed on goals

So, this course can be a right course for you if you fall under any of these four categories:

  • If you want to be more clear on your goals
  • If you want to stay more focussed on goals
  • If you want to connect more with your goals
  • Even if you dont have any goals.

So, if its anything related to goals, this can be a right solution.

Moreover, you can connect me at every step and ask me any question wherever you are stuck and i will personally reply in 48 hours.

Intended Audience: Its For Everyone

Download The Instruction
Download Workbook
Download Monthly Tracking Journal
Goals And It's Areas
Workbook Activity
Video - 10 Magical Questions
Workbook Activity
Video - Identify Your Goals
Workbook Activity
Clarify Your Goals
Workbook Activity
Video - Vibrate Your Goals
Video - What Are Affirmations
Video - Why Affirmations Fail
Positive Affirmations
Video - Allowing Your Goals
Workbook Activity
Video - Journaling Everyday
Start Recording Journals
Goal Meditation
Video - Rituals TO Follow
Download Audios

What's included

  • 13 Video Lessons
  • 10 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Shouvik Lahiri